Custom Form Design

Build your custom Survey forms in seconds, with our drag and drop Form Builder. No coding knowledge required. Forms with multiple pages can be created and many more..

Field Survey with Mobile App

With Mapmysurvey mobile app, you can collect the data from the field easily. Location validation and correction is available with in the mobile app while collecting the data.

Point, Line Polygon

MapMySurvey supports the survey data with mobile app for a point, line and polygon areas. GIS Data Analytics can be made on all the data collected for a point, line and polygons.

Survey Progress

As the surveys can be done by multiple people using mapmysurvey app, the project managers can monitor the real time progress of the Survey and take corrective actions if needed.

Analytics & Reports

Mapmysurvey provides you both GIS and MIS reports. Query builder, you can create custom queries in seconds and view the GIS reports. With its Report Builder feature, you can create a customized report as per your needs and save it for further usage.

Export Data

Once the survey is completed you can take your data from mapmysurvey application in different formats. Wee support, excel, pdf and also the shape file format. Many other file formats will be added soon.

About MapMySurvey

MapMySurvey is an innovative tool to conduct GIS based surveys. Some of the cool features of this application are:

  • Location based data collection
  • Collect point, line & polygon data
  • Create custom forms with multiple pages
  • Track the progress, analyze and view reports.
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Design your custom and dynamic survey forms for all your Survey needs in few minutes.

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Your custom forms are immediately available in the mobile app, collect the data with GPS.

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Analyze your data from GIS perspective with thematic maps, heat maps and query the data with attribute values.

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MapMySurvey Advantages

MapMySurvey is the right choice for you because not only its innovative but also has many advantages

1. Cost Savings

With its minimum pricing and many features, MapMySurvey facilitates you to execute your survey project with minimal cost.

2. Improves Productivity

MapMySurvey has an automated workflow with which the survey can be conducted very efficiently with minimal effort.

3. Better Decision Making

MapMySurvey provides real and accurate data that allows you to analyze and take better and faster decision making.